Why it's important to have quality information?

Writing content for Keyword Articles is easy but writing quality content is far more challenging. With so much information out in the world today, making sure the information in a Keyword Article is appealing and useful, is key to purplepedia.com.

Quality Acid Test

The acid test on how good the information is, is not based on what an editor thinks but what the 'customer' that is the person using the information perceives the information as.

If they deem it to be good then it really is good otherwise it's nothing more than satisfactory.

With many other information resource websites where content can be added for free. There's little justification in stipulating good content.

Yes, these websites have editors to check on the information being submitted but if these editors themselves are not aware of what makes content good, then there's little point in their existence as editors. Most of these editors tend to be unpaid, with their sole motivation being part of community spirit and not for profit or gain.

Easy to understand

Understanding how potential visitors view information is vitally important. As Keyword Articles can be written to appeal, by making them easier to understand.

Bottom line

As an information contributor the bottom line for Members is about making advertising revenue from their efforts. If people don't like a member's Keyword Article then they'll lose out on visitors and therefore potential advertising revenue.