Why do members need to conform to writing guidelines?

purplepedia.com believes in information being easy to understand and concise. Otherwise the usefulness of the information becomes questionable.

To achieve the high quality information available on purplepedia.com, the information must be easy to understand and be represented in such a manner.

Tailoring information

People search using keywords, so Purplepedia's goal is to tailor the information available to people's search queries. So if people search for keywords such as 'eczema', 'eczema treatments', 'eczema creams', then ideally these will need to be included in any Keyword Articles about 'eczema'. As this will draw in people searching in this way to the 'eczema' Keyword Article.

Otherwise having non relevant sections will result in potentially less visitors to a Keyword Article. Simply, because the searches made by people will not show the web pages where the information is published.

Think of Google

Most people will come to the purplepedia.com website using a search engine such as Google. The Google search engine will check the web pages on purplepedia.com to see if they are relevant and index them. That is, add them to it's huge database, making note of keywords and information relevance.

This relevance will be used to rank the web pages. Depending on the rank Google assigns the web page, the likelihood of people finding the page will be solely dependent on where the web page appears in the searches conducted on Google.

Keyword Articles which conform to purplepedia.com's Keyword Article guidelines and are informative, will rank higher. Meaning the chances of the web pages where the Keyword Articles are published, will stand a greater chance of being found by people searching using search tools like Google.

Acceptable Use Policy

All Keyword Articles must conform to our acceptable use policy. Keyword Articles will not be accepted if they fail to conform to purplepedia.com's acceptable use policy.