Why can I only reserve 1 keyword?

When we devised our strategy for purplepedia.com, we looked at developing a fair system. One where everyone participating would get a fair opportunity to reserve keywords and create content associated with those keywords.

One of the ways we decided to ensure a fairer system was to impose a single keyword limit at reservation. That is, members can only reserve 1 keyword at any one time. However, as soon as you have created a corresponding Keyword Article, you can claim another Keyword to reserve. You can repeat this upto five times without getting your Keyword Articles approved by us. After which, you will have to wait for your pending Keyword Articles to be approved before being allowed to reserve further Keywords.

Stop multiple reservations

The 1 keyword limit has been designed to stop people registering hundreds of keywords and ending up with all the 'juicy' keywords. Those which are incredibly popular and have the potential to make increased amounts of advertising revenue. Everybody should at least have the opportunity to have a bite at the cherry.

The 1 keyword limit does NOT mean, members will only be ever able to reserve a maximum of 1 keyword. No, on the contrary, it means members can keep reserving keywords, as long as they keep supplying content associated with their reserved keyword.

Keyword Trolls

By adopting a system of only allowing members to reserve a maximum of 1 keyword at anyone time without any associated content. We can limit the Keyword Trolls from taking over the keyword reservations.

Keyword Trolls will have to either stick with their single maximum keyword limit. Or conform to our membership rules and create content to further release the option of reserving additional keywords.

Keyword Trolls will not benefit from just reserving keywords, as these will not be published on purplepedia.com. We will only publish keywords which have associated content (subject to our acceptable use policy).

For example, Cassandra reserves a keyword; 'birmingham bullring shopping centre'. She supplies no content for this keyword, therefore the keyword will not appear on purplepedia.com as there is no content associated with the keyword. Cassandra is unable to reserve any further keywords until she creates content for the chosen keyword.


Go Do It! Another benefit of having a maximum of a single keyword at any one time, is members will tend to submit content quicker. So they can free up the option to reserve more keywords.

Remember as soon as content is submitted, the option to reserve another keyword will be made available.

Professional Writers

To allow the 'normies', that's normal people, to have an equal opportunity of reserving keywords and supplying content. The single keyword limit will help in ensuring the normies can compete with the professional writers.

Professional writers can reel of content at will and to limit them to a single keyword approval process, will mean everyone who submits content, will have to go through the same process.

This will ensure everyone gets a fair opportunity. As otherwise, the professional writers would have reserved hundreds of keywords. Creating hundreds of articles to for their reserved keywords in matter of no time.

Claim keywords wisely

To stand the greatest chance of attaining more keyword reservations. It makes sense to claim keywords which something is known about. Leading to associated content being created quicker.

With content created quicker, the process of approval can then begin and once approved. The option to reserve more keywords becomes available.

So as long as members keep reserving keywords and supplying content for each keyword they reserve (subject to their content being approved and reservation fees being paid). They will be able to keep building up an ever growing portfolio of reserved keywords, published with their supplied content.