Why are there no pictures in the Keyword Article pages?

We do have plans to include pictures within the purplepedia.com website but for the moment, this is not in scope. (You may see some keyword articles with pictures, but this is the exception rather than the norm).

Pictures take up more resources than simple text alone, as image files are bigger, thus requiring more bandwidth to transmit.

Bandwidth issues

Our current hosting infrastructure limits us to bandwidth, which will need to be upgraded at a cost.

Without upgrading our hosting infrastructure, the usability of the purplepedia.com website could be severely impacted, if we introduced pictures at this stage.

Funding priority

In the mean time, we want to get as much information on to the purplepedia.com website as quickly as possible.

Allowing us to raise the funds through Keyword Reservation fees to improve systems which make purplepedia.com function.