What is purplepedia?

Purplepedia is all about information, not just an encyclopaedia of knowledge but much more.

In a rapidly evolving world having access to the right information is key and purplepedia.com was designed solely for this purpose.

There's No bloat and No intellectual overload, instead the information is easy to read and understand.

No bloat

Information bloat is minimised by limiting information articles to between 500 and 700 words. Only relevant information is published, with further details being available by clicking through the links and drilling down into the detail.

Information is created in a concise format, so it's easier to understand and quickly available. There simply isn't filler to make the content look more substantial than it is.

No intellectual overload

Information is worthless if it's not easily understood. Worthless information serves no purpose other than vanity for the author.

purplepedia.com ensures information provided is understood by as many readers as possible. With the goal of creating information with the assumption the reader may not be an expert in the field, they are searching information about.

Too many sources of information are developed by people who write at the same level as their own level of understanding. Ignoring the masses, who may not have their deeper understanding. Meaning many people miss out on learning new information.

Easy to read

Information needs to be not only informative but easy on the eye when it comes to reading. By trying to keep sentences short and snappy, as well as focussing on smaller paragraphs, readers can quickly find what they need.

Easy to drill down to detail

Information can be drilled down into further detail. Making it easier to find out as much or as little required, about a subject area without being overwhelmed with information.

Accelerated Learning

Information designed for easier assimilation and expanding knowledge, can accelerate learning. Through informative and relevant articles, purplepedia can enhance and improve learning.