What is a Keyword Article?

A 'Keyword Article' is a web page which includes the members approved keywords in the main heading as well as content relevant to the member's approved keyword.

The following diagram 'Keywords and Keyword Articles', show a Keyword Article, composed of the Keywords, 'Acid Reflux':

Keyword Articles

In diagram above 'Keywords and Keyword Articles', the red circle numbered '1', shows the keywords 'Acid Reflux' and the red circle numbered '2', also shows the keywords 'acid-reflux' as used to name the web page on purplepedia.com.

The red circle numbered '3', shows how the keywords and the paragraphs make up, what is known as a Keyword Article. The Keyword Article includes the keywords 'Acid Reflux' and the sub-headings of 'What is Acid Reflux?' and 'Symptoms', along with the paragraphs describing what acid reflux and the symptoms are.

A Keyword Article can contain several paragraphs and several sub-headings such as 'Cause', 'Overeating', 'H.Pylori', 'Relief' and 'Health Problems'. purplepedia.com controls the number of words in a Keyword Article to between 500 and 700 words.