What are Keywords?

"Keywords" can be a single word or a combination of words. Keywords are used to search for information on the world wide web (Internet).

Keywords don't necessarily have to consist of a specific number of words. A single word like 'Birmingham', can be a keyword. Using two words together, like 'Birmingham Airport' can also be keyword.

Using 'Birmingham National Exhibition Centre' even though it has four separate words is still classed a keyword when used to search.

Search Engines

Popular search engines such as Google, use keywords to deliver more relevant results on their Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

The Search Engine Results Page is the web page Google shows with the results to the keywords typed in the search box on the Google home page.

For example using the keywords, 'eczema creams moisturise' will be more likely to return search results, which are focused on eczema creams and moisturisers.

A search for the word 'eczema' will just bring searches generally related to eczema and may include very little related to moisturisers.

Web page headings

purplepedia.com uses Keywords to provide the main headings for their Keyword Article web pages. So a Keyword Article about Birmingham and it's hotels in particular, would use 'Birmingham hotels' as a keyword.

Using a more generic keyword 'Birmingham' wouldn't necessarily attract visitors who were looking for specifically hotels in Birmingham.

By creating a web page based on a keyword (known as a Keyword Article) allows purplepedia.com to be organised, based on what people are searching for. This allows relevant information to be found faster and more easily.