Sponsorship Advertising Slots

On the purplepedia.com website, two forms of advertising are used, which are highlighted below:

(1) Advertising provided by an advertising partner ("Advertising Partner") through their advertising programmes

(2) Advertising provided directly by an Advertiser ("Sponsorship Partner")

Sponsorship Advertising Slots will only involve advertising provided directly by a Sponsorship Partner.

Sponsorship Advertising Slot layout

Some Keyword Web Pages (web pages containing the members reserved keywords and their supplied content) will have a link on the web page, which will display sponsorsed links. These sponsored links when clicked will take the website user to another purplepedia.com webpage where advertising and/or promotional material exists.

This advertising and/or promotional material will be provided by a sponsor for a fee and may include a further link to the sponsor's own website. Currently the Sponsorship Advertising Slots links are on the bottom of the Keyword Web Page after the main content. However, further Sponsorship Advertising Slots links may be made available on other parts of the web page.

Sponsorship Advertising Slot Reservation Fee

Members pay a Sponsorship Advertising Slot Reservation Fee, if applicable and this allows them to have one sponsored link on the page associated with their reserved keyword and their supplied content (Keyword Web Page).

Currently there is no charge for the Sponsorship Advertising Slot Reservation Fee.

Sponsorship Advertising Slots exceptions

Each page has potential for Sponsorship Advertising Slots, however some Keyword Web Pages won't be allowed to have Sponsorship Advertising Slots, especially those where actual products and product owners are listed, so as to not imply the Sponsorship Advertising Slots is officially endorsed by the product and/or product owner.