Member Advert Positions

Purplepedia shows two types of advertising on it's websites:

  • Sponsored Adverts; and
  • PPC Adverts.

Member's holding a valid membership can be rewarded by a share of any revenue generated by the corresponding advertising subject to the terms and conditions of their membership and membership level.

Sponsored Adverts

Member's who hold a Silver Membership level, will be able to share in Sponsored Advert's revenue.

So if a Keyword Article created by a member, attracts a Sponsorship Advert, then the member will share in the Sponsorship Advertising Revenue generated by the Sponsor Advert, if any.

PPC Adverts

Member's who hold a Gold Membership level, will be able to use their PPC advertising codes for Google AdSense on the Keyword Articles created by them.

Member's Google AdSense codes will placed in three separate advertising blocks on their associated Keyword Article web page.

The advertising will generally be displayed at the top of the Keyword Article web page, the middle and the bottom of Keyword Article web page.

The members Google AdSense codes will be displayed 50% of the time when the web page is viewed. That is, every other view of the web page will show the member's Google AdSense code, with the following view showing purplepedia's Google AdSense code.

All other advertising

All other advertising appearing on the purplepedia website remains the property of purplepedia. Any revenues from this other advertising will be strictly for purplepedia only.

Bronze Members

Bronze Members are not allowed any advertising or reward level schemes and must upgrade for FREE to Silver Membership.