Keyword Article Requirements

What are the Keyword Article Requirements?

Keyword Articles must conform to a strict set of requirements, otherwise they will be rejected and not published on the website.

Minimum number of words

The minimum number of words, accepts for Keyword Articles is 500. Any less than this and our Membership platform won't allow the submission to take place.

Maximum number of words

The maximum number of words accepts for Keyword Article is 700. Any more words than 700 and our Membership platform won't allow the submission to take place.


It is imperative to include any references to information included from other sources. This is to acknowledge the source of the information and should not be used to merely mask blatant copyright. Where source information is copied and then referenced.

For example if the document, 'Design and Scalability Consideration for Enterprise XenApp Deployments' is used for information in a Keyword Article. Then the information used for example, 'XenApp 6.5 can scale to 1,000 servers(1) for enterprise deployments' must include a pointer, as denoted by the (1) and a reference including a pointer must be shown at the end of the Keyword Article, as shown below:

(1) Design and Scalability Consideration for Enterprise XenApp Deployments Version 1.0 by Citrix Systems Incorporated.


Keyword Articles where trademarks are used, will require an acknowledgment about the trade mark being used. For example XenApp is a trademark of Citrix Systems Incorporated, so a trademark acknowledgement as the end of the Keyword Article as shown below, will be required:

XenAppTM is a trademark of Citrix Systems Incorporated.

Word Count

It's important to bear in mind if Keyword Articles reference other sources of information and include trademark acknowledgements. Then both these reference and trademark acknowledgements will count towards the total number of words used in the Keyword Article.

Spelling and Grammar

All Keyword Articles need to have a good grammar structure and must be spell checked prior to submission.

Sentence and paragraphs

To aid readability, sentences must not be long with excessive commas acting as sentence separators.

Paragraphs must be used to separate information as Keyword Articles with continuous chunks of text will be rejected.


Information must be impartial and written in the third person. Biased and information deemed to be a 'Sales pitch' will be rejected.

For more information see How to write a good Keyword Article?