How to write content for reserved keywords?

Once reserved keywords have been approved, the next step involves creating an accompanying Keyword Article (that is, informative content relating to the approved keywords).

Creating a Keyword Article doesn't necessarily involve having to write at one sitting. The Membership platform allows Keyword Articles to be created and edited prior to being submitted for approval.

Members are advised to use offline editing tools such as a word processor like Microsoft Word or even Windows Notepad. To create their Keyword Articles and then paste these into the relevant submissions box on the Membership platform.

Create a skeleton layout

Before starting any Keyword Article, jot down the main points first, a sort of skeleton to add the meat of the content later.

This enables the Keyword Article to be split into several parts. With each part having a main point, that is a sub heading and content relating to that sub heading. Using this approach the time taken to create a Keyword Article can be dramatically reduced.

Having the Keyword Article split into the main points is better than having one long piece of text which doesn't flow well to the reader. As this will simply put visitors off from reading the Keyword Article.

As an example, a Keyword Article about London hotels, could involve the following keywords which are popular searches (as determined by using Google Keyword tool):

  • 5 star London hotels
  • 4 star London hotels
  • Budget London hotels
  • Cheap London hotels
  • Boutique London hotels

These keywords are used to construct the sub-headings. To avoid repetition of the word London, the following sub-heading from the above keywords searches could be used:

  • 5 star hotels
  • 4 star hotels
  • Budget hotels
  • Cheap hotels
  • Boutique hotels

This is the skeleton layout and now the meat of the content can be added. For the section on 5 star hotels, submission text along the lines of below, could be used:

'5 star hotels include the Grosvenor House, The Langham, One Aldwych, The Waldorf Hilton....'

Including the sub-heading in the first line of the sentence can help towards search engine optimisation. Whereby search engines like Google give more attention to well optimised Keyword Articles. Leading to the related pages appearing higher in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Little by little

Creating a Keyword Article doesn't require a single sitting whereby content is written in one go. As this may create "writer's block" and put too much pressure on the member to create their Keyword Article.

Instead, a little content can be added at a time and slowly this can build up to more content. Creating content is a skill and takes time to develop. The more and more it's done, the easier it becomes to create content for Keyword Articles.