How to get more visitors?

Information is only relevant if people can find and make use of it. Otherwise it's just a bunch of words floating around in cyber space.

Likewise, just because a member writes a great piece of work associated with a keyword, doesn't mean people will automatically flock to it.

Certain strategies need to be adopted to bring in more visitors to the information published on Many of these strategies have already been put in place by but others can be adopted by members.

Social tagging

Social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Digg and so on, are becoming more important in the eyes of Google. So any references and links about a website from these social websites can be seen as an endorsement of the information on a website's pages as important.

Keyword Articles with a lot of Facebook 'Likes', may be viewed as being important and as a result, maybe ranked highly by Google's search engine. Resulting in a higher placement in the search results returned by Google.


Members with Twitter accounts can tweet about their Keyword Articles when they are published on Making sure the Tweet buttons are pressed from their published Keyword Article.

Facebook 'Likes'

Members can ask friends and family to review their published Keyword Articles. Allowing those with Facebook accounts the opportunity to 'Like' their Keyword Article using the Facebook buttons.

Linking back

Linking back from a website or even a blog run by a member could also help. It's important to put the keyword in the anchor text of the link, to attain maximum benefit.

The anchor text is the text which is displayed on a webpage that is clicked. In the example below, the anchor text is the words 'Edgbaston cricket ground'.

'The Warwickshire County Cricket team play at the Edgbaston cricket ground just outside central Birmingham'.

Technically this link with it's anchor text has been created using the following html code:

The keyword 'Edgbaston cricket ground' is included in the link after the:

And before the: