How to claim the right keyword?

When it comes to claiming the right keyword, a few simple steps can be observed. Making it easier to find the right keywords and increase the chances of profiteering from the choices made.

What people are searching for

It's imperative to claim keywords which visitors may use to search for information. Most of these visitors will not come directly to That is, they will not type into their web browser address bar. Instead they will use a search engine like Google and enter a series of words into the Google search box.

These series of words entered into Google are the words which ideally should be used to form the keywords. So if people use Google to search for 'puerto banus beaches' then these could make a good set of keywords.

If keywords such as 'puerto banus history' are chosen and not many people search using these words on Google, then there will be a minimal amount of visitors to any corresponding web page on

Keyword Tools you can use

There are plenty of tools available which can give you some idea of which combinations of words could make good keywords.

A word of caution though, taking any Keyword Tool information at face value isn't advisable. As the best data on which combinations of words are popular should ideally come from the search engine with the highest proportion of users.

Google's search engine is the most popular by a mile and Google themselves don't give accurate information on keywords used in searches. Instead they sort of try to push towards the right direction.

It simply would not be in Google's interests to give accurate information about what people are searching for. As this may allow others (their competitors) to work out how Google's search algorithm works.

The algorithm being how Google decides which websites appear higher in their search results. Competitors could simply by using a bit of reverse engineering find out how Google works out it search results. If the competitors knew how Google ranked it search results, it could skew the quality of information available on Google's search results.

The Google Keyword Tool can give an idea into keywords available and their popularity. It's important to log into Google's website as results can vary from being logged in and logged out. (To be logged in, a Google account is required). To use the Google Keyword Tool, do a search on Google for 'Google Keyword Tool'.

No profanities

Please do not select keywords which are offensive, such as profanities, keywords promoting hatred, defamatory keywords. These will be rejected.

Company pages

Currently we are not allowing pages about companies, businesses and other corporate entities.

Short but not too short

Ideally keywords should be at least two (2) words and no more than four (4) words long. Claiming a keyword such as 'eczema treatment' is better than claiming just a single keyword like 'eczema'.

The single keyword, also known as top level keywords are single words, like 'eczema', 'arthritis', 'football', 'rugby' and so on.

Claiming single keywords is not advised because of competition from other websites. will have to compete with the millions of other websites which are about any single keyword. With a keyword with 2 or 3 words in it, the competition is far less, increasing the likelihood of more visitors finding web page where the keyword is published.

Duplicate and similar keywords

Keyword choices should not be duplicated, for example claiming the same keywords more than once. This will throw up a warning on our membership platform, listing the duplicated words. There's little value in trying to reserve the same keyword more than once.

Claiming keywords which are too similar makes little sense. Such as a plural of a word, like 'eczema treatments' when 'eczema treatment' has already been reserved.

Whilst there may be no error given by our membership platform in doing this, there is little value to be gained by having very similar keywords.

Make sure the keywords are correctly spelled otherwise they could be rejected. Misspelled keywords can also if accepted, lead to fewer visitors to the web page, resulting in potentially less advertising or sponsorship revenue.

Writing Keyword Articles

For members it makes sense to claim a keyword about which something is known. This makes it much easier to write content for the keyword, once the keyword has been approved.

Writing about something known, such as a place visited, like Puerto Banus for example, is a lot easier, as the subject matter could be well understood.

Trying to write about something which is not well understood, will only make it more difficult to create an article later. With the quality of any information published, not helping the visitors who come searching for more details. This in turn could lead to less visitors and therefore less potential advertising income.

Using too similar keywords, will probably lead to difficulty in writing a Keyword Article for both sets of similar keywords. Or if someone else has reserved the non plural version of the keyword, then competition between two very similar keywords, won't help either party.