How does purplepedia work?

The Basics provides information based on Keywords. A keyword can be a single word, like 'London' or a combinations of words, like 'Tower of London'.

By including information about a keyword, a Keyword Article can be constructed. So for the keyword, 'Tower of London', details about the location, history, prices and so on, would form a Keyword Article.

Visitors to will tend to search for information based on keywords. So if they are looking for information about the 'Tower of London'. They will probably search using terms such as 'tower london', 'london tower' or may be 'tower of london'.

They may search in more detail, such as 'tower london opening times' and if keywords such as these are included in the Keyword Articles. The chances of the Keyword Article being returned in the search results increases dramatically.

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Reserve a keyword

Once the membership application has been successful, the next step involves claiming keywords. Members can claim keywords they would like to reserve. More information about keywords and keyword reservation is available from the links below:

What are Keywords?

What does reserving keywords mean?


Members can create Keyword Articles for their claimed keywords ("Keyword Reservation"), the following steps will also apply.

(i) Write about the keyword

When chosen keywords have been approved by, members must provide additional information about the keywords to form a Keyword Article.

So for a keyword like 'Paris', information about the history, tourist sites, accommodation, transport and so on, could be added.

(ii) Approval and publication

Once a Keyword Article has been approved for publication, it is added to the website awaiting final approval.

For a period of 45 days, visitors to the web page where the Keyword Article is published will have an opportunity to contact to raise any objections to parts of, or all of the Keyword Article.

Objections ranging from copyright infringement, errors in the Keyword Articles to general comments will be reviewed by

(iii) Final Approval

Once 45 days have passed since the Keyword Article was originally published, Keyword Articles without outstanding objections will be deemed as passing final approval.